OEM Customized Modular Building - Precast Concrete Structure Carrousel / Production Line – Hicorp Group

By introducing advanced European technology, our company has researched and developed a PMS system for PC structure carousel with our own intellectual property rights. The system has production preparation function, including daily planning and structure design. Production management includes PMS main interface, circulation management, cleaning device management, marker management, oil sprayer management, distributor management, screeding system management, pre-curing chamber management, vertical curing chamber management, stacking management, flipping device management, formulation management, etc. Production statistics includes information inquiry, production capacity calculation, frequency calculation and other functions. System management includes role management, user management, authority management, system log, data backup and other functions.

The PC structure carousel of Qingdao Hicorp Group has many organizational modes, such as annular carousel, flexible carousel, nomadic carousel, fixed pedestal carousel and reconfigurable prestressed long- line pedestal production system.

Our PC carousel helps our clients to realize diversified production maximally, lower investment risks, save land , reduce investments , improve capacity, and speed up investment returns. We can provide customized solutions of prefabricated construction components equipment to clients. With high processing accuracy and high intelligence, our products have been extended all over the country and deeply trusted by our customers.